Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diri aku sekarang?

Apa yang aku rasa diri ak sekarang:

2.Kuat Main
4.Kurang membaca
6.Lemah agama
7.x sedia nak pegi umrah

Apa nak jadi dengan ko nie majid!!!!!1

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

da berhabuk rupanya!

to all my friends....

it has been a long time since my last post which was last december if i'm not mistaken.. kalut sket dengan block 3... i must admit a lot of things happened. not only to me but to my friends... i'm so sorry if i wasn't around to help you...

I.A. i will update my blog after this...
sigh, life must goes on!
and I.A i will go Mekah this June, hope u all pray for me..

till next time..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

family day

it was quite handful day for all committees as it was quite heavy raining. But i guess the family day things were ok!!.One of the good things about this family day is we manage to grab our objective to gather all medical students from each 5 batches.If i'm not mistaken, total participants were around 230 something. compared to previous family day, this time was most successful one..
Thus, i would like to congratulate all the committees and everyone who manage to come to that day.Great job

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

d80 vs d90 part2

lets us continue our discussion about d80 and d90,shall we?

Nikon D90 Advantages

Resolution: The slightly higher 12.3 MP resolution on the D90 gives slightly more detail than what you'd get from the 10 MP sensor on the D80. You get a bit more headroom for cropping too.

Shoot movies with sound in D-Movie mode: This is the most notable step-up in functionality over the D80. If shooting 720p video clips with a large-sensor camera and SLR lenses is your thing, get the D90.

Live View: Live View offers the most accurate method of manual focusing if required. It also allows for easier shooting at awkward angles.

Rear LCD: The rear LCD on the D90 measures 3 inches, which is larger than the 2.5 inch LCD on the D80. The D90's LCD also has VGA resolution, which makes menus clearer and preview images sharper.

Better high ISO performance: Image noise on the D90 is very much lower due to the use of a CMOS sensor, compared to the D80 which uses a CCD sensor.

No purple blooming: If you shoot lots of night skies with long exposures, you'd be pleased to know that the CMOS sensor used on the D90 won't result in purple blooms near the edges and corners of the photo. You get this artifact if you shoot under the same conditions with the D80 due to its use of a CCD sensor.

Info button and readout: One press on the D90's Info button and the camera settings appear on the rear LCD. This is extremely useful if your camera is high up on a tripod and you can't read what’s displayed on the top LCD.

Dust-cleaning sensor: The sensor on the D90 can be set to vibrate at startup and / or shutdown (or switched off altogether) to shake off loose dust.

The D90 fixes many of the shortcomings on the D80: According to Thom Hogan:

If you're looking for the best tool for producing the best possible photograph, there's little question in my mind that the winner there is the D90. Indeed, I'm not sure how you can say otherwise. The D80 is actually my LEAST favorite of any camera Nikon has produced since the D70. It hot pixels worse than any other Nikon, Nikon never fully fixed the amp noise issue, it has the least capable high ISO JPEG from the same sensor as other Nikons (the D60, for example), and the matrix metering is horribly off-kilter. THAT'S a "pure photographic tool"? Sorry, but it looks as if the D90 fixes all of those things, so it wins on that alone in my book.
I've sold off my near 1-year old D300 and purchased the D90 myself, and am really loving the camera. Read my Nikon D90 review for more information.
Nikon D80 Advantages

Lower price, save $300 USD: The Nikon D80 will continue to be sold for a while after the D90 starts shipping. The D80 is priced at approximately $699, and represents a fantastic deal if you don't require the benefits and new functionality found on the D90.

this one I take from one web site.click here if you want to know more.

but for me, both d80 and d90 are far away from. I may ended not to buy both. Many things seem don't work well with me....

Gosh, nevermine I will think deeply about it once again

Dugaan tuhan

ATM kat luar menelan duit ku...
sedeh gler la...
x tau macam mane nak cakap...
tp dugaan.....
tadi da tepon....
esk pegi cek kat bank plak..


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Raya Haji

Raya hari kali ni sedeh sket.hujan kot.walaupun x banjir,tp hujan menyebabkan banyak keje perlu dilakukan. tp syok jugak kan... lagi2 lepas minitest...hahahaha

Ari ahad:5 petang,baru bangun tido, "Weyh mu tido,Bangung2, nak g amek lembu plop nie"(abang aku menjerit).x nak kena marah2,pakai seluar pegi trs:


lembu yang nak diangkut


cepat la naek lembu,nak smyg asar lak nie


naek pon ko...

Esk 2 plak cerita nya bermula:

bangun pukul 6 sebab kena marah ngan mak,sebab da lambat subuh(sedeh,da besar kot =(   ),pas2 tido balik(hahahaha),bangun pukul 7.45 g masjid.pukul 9 balik,teka buat pe? tido la weyh,kan sejuk luar.gler ape x nak tido.(rahmat kot).pukul 10,aku kena jerit lagi dengan abang ak. "jid bangun orang nak meleh doh lembu 2"... Arghh,bosan btl,nak tido x puas. Pas2,pegi la tgk.. ni gambar die:




kulitnya die buang(ntah aku pon x tau bahase melayu die cam mane)


eh,asal gambar belok.sorry...hahahaha


Pas2,seperti biase aku la mat despatch keluarga aku.Jid,g hantor sini2...bla2....

Tamat cerita....

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all

Mangsa Banjir

dengan tagged....... =(~

Dengan ini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada syazwan kerana terlalu "murah hati" untuk tag aku.. Benci gler kat tag ni. Tapi aku try yg terbaek:

Ini die:

The last person to tag you is..


Your 5 impressions toward him..





Handsome(hahahaha....aku promote kot)

The most memorable thing he had done for you..

errmm.. ntah,thx for the note yah!

If he becomes your enemy, you will..

x tegur la kita sampai kita jadi kawan balik..hahahaha

If he becomes my lover, he needs to improve on..

no way,i'm not gay!!!

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is..

Pls dont, x nak gado2..(copy jawapan syazwan)

How do you think people around you feel about you..

I hope they feel comfortable, if not, please do tell me... =)

The character about yourself is..

Cepat marah dan stress???

The most ideal person you want to be is..

Nak jadi yang seimbang dunia dan akhirat..i.a

For person who cares or likes you, say something for them..

syg mak ngan ayah.....

10 people to tag..

This time i want ot have revenge to those who already tagged me:

  1. muiz
  2. hapiz comel@kecek
  3. huss
  4. ben
  5. hariry ariffin
  6. acap g
  7. anis
  8. zira
  9. akmal
  10. munir


Who is number 2 having relationship with?

someone in pj???

Is number 3 a male or female?

tgk name?laki ke pompuan..hahaha

Is number 7 and 10 together would be a good thing?

tanye tuan badan,baru tau hahaha =)

How bout number 5 and 8?

aish,soklan cepu emas btl...

What is number 1 studying?

medic.batch leader kot

When was the last time you chat with them?

sorry,x igt

Is number 4 single..

sorry he's not available... jux kidding,tanye tuan badan yep

Talk something bout number 2..

Name dia Ahmad Hafiz b Razali. cute orangnye. bdn tough macam malik nor.smart.cepat2 sape nak no tepon die.msg aku....hahaha