Sunday, December 14, 2008

family day

it was quite handful day for all committees as it was quite heavy raining. But i guess the family day things were ok!!.One of the good things about this family day is we manage to grab our objective to gather all medical students from each 5 batches.If i'm not mistaken, total participants were around 230 something. compared to previous family day, this time was most successful one..
Thus, i would like to congratulate all the committees and everyone who manage to come to that day.Great job


Akmal said...


HusS said...

Good job you guys!
but i'm sad cause no fear factor T.T

ANAS!!! said...

a job well done because lepo won.. kalo lepo kalah.. not a good job.. WAKAKAKAKA

joking.. good job.

anisdiyana said...

lame x update..da berabuk!!!

Cg said...

happy saturday cos it is saturday