Saturday, November 1, 2008


i've been tagged bymuiz.

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  1. I’m a heavy dota players. Dota is such a good game in my mind even tough that game has its own effect and cause(of course)but then I'm strongly discouraging people playing it!
  2. I love bowling. Yeah I do. Bowling? I'm one amateur bowler in uia.Ben is pro
  3. My face was always kind of nothing when i'm nothing!
  4. I eat like ant when it comes to the sahur!!
  5. I love my is very nice to use as compared to other things that i have.
  6. My habit of having thinking others more than my self is making me sick.i'm quite dunno about my self is quite complicated. but then when i'm stress because of friends and all, i become aimless wat to do!
  7. I love my are everything!


anisdiyana said...

hahaha marahnye die org tag..ish3

M@jiD said...

x suke lol

Benz said...

1. ish2... ape nak jadi dgn kau, play dotA oni...(aku x men dah... hahaha)

2. YUP! ur face is funny when taking picture.

3. Ipod r NICE!

HusS said...

oops... sorry BENZ... tergune account kau lak...

actually, the comment on top of this was MINE!

M@jiD said...