Saturday, November 22, 2008


can anybody tell me about our heart??????

I know we have 4 different part left and right atrium,left and right ventricle,but different kind of heart?

do you easily feel stressed if you encounter any problems? Actually,it is kind of heart problem. 

There is one saying " Our heart is like a tree,grows with good ground,which make it grows beautifully with green leaves, and maybe buah rambutan(jux kidding),i mean fruits. ground is our iman and leaves and fruits are our result(pahala,etc). For a good tree to grow,it needs a good ground to support its structure( which make it more stabilizes),thus producing glooming leaves and fruits that decorate the tree.So,let us together picture it to our heart, Does our heart is in good condition with strong foundation of iman( ground) and lets us the effects of our heart,do we have any heart problem(feeling stress,uncomfortable)"

Our heart is fragile. It is clean at first,but gradually it becomes d**k(u know better than me). in order for us to clean it by remembering three basic things:

  • Allah
  • Al-Quran
  • Hadith

   This is the basic one.If u want to know,u can refer ustaz.Wallahualan.

PS:// this is tazkirah given by sharif during trip to cherating. i try my best to simplified it.correct it if i was wrong.

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