Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Few words...

here is some wisdom words that I quote from Pathophysiology of disease:An introduction of clinical medicine by Stephen J. Mcphee and William F.Ganong that might be useful to boost up our spirit to study more not to get only distinction,but also to be a doctor that can serve the ummah,InsyaAllah. =p

a man cannot become a competent surgeon without full knowledge of human anatomy and physiology,and the physician without physiology and chemistry founders along in an aimless fashion never able to gain any accurate conception of disease,practicing a sort of popgun pharmacy, hitting now the malady and again the patient,he himself not knowing which.

                                                  (Sir William Osler,1849-1919)

I also impressed with patch Adam which is a movie which described how should a doctor be. Instead of using the name of doctor for money, some of medical students in that movie showed some enthusiast toward helping unlucky people. Yes, money is important for us as human being,but what is the meaning of being a doctor if our community just focusing on money only.

So, lets reflect back to us. 1st of all, we should correct our intention. Why is it needed?

a) niat is reflecting our action,whether it's good or vice versa.

b)niat is the first thing in our action. If your intention is good then Allah will bless us with His rahmat,so we can study happily =)

2nd thing is, we should remember we all are brothers and sisters even-tough not biologically but islamically. Nothing should marginized us in to do this thing.

So,let us try to apply it in the future! insyaAllah!



anisdiyana said...

patch adam best

FiSHY@iKe said...

can't agree more with your opinion dude, insyaAllah, we try our best ok? :D

HusS said...

two words:


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For everyone:


abu 'iffah said...

Keep up blogging!..congrats..give your opinion on any issue escpcially in M'sia, in the student's point of view.